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Creativity and Choice in Societies for All Ages

Innovation for care, health and wellbeing

Bridge promotes greater public involvement in economic and social development. We bring international perspectives to innovations that will help create sustainable societies for all ages. Our special interests and expertise lie in inter-disciplinary and cross-sector initiatives for:

Registered Office: 1 The Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1P 3JT
'inTICgration: ICT to support people with severe mental illness who also abuse substances such as drugs and alcohol'

with partners in Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain : 2014-2016

'In planning for April 2016 ,Windsor UK: Digital Innovation, Community and Mental Health'

a roundtable with the International Council for Caring Communities and partner UN agencies

'Social competencies for community participation'

with partners in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany and Greece.
See Summary

'Transition to adulthood for people with learning disabilities

with partners in, Greece and Poland. See Summary

Our services and activities include:
design, management and coordination of local, national and international projects

the organisation of roundtables and conferences

the creation of training material and training courses

consultancy and problem solving which relates research to practice in response to changing social and economic trends
Bridge has an international network of people active in the arts, architecture, linguistics, education, health and social care. It is a not for profit organisation, established in 2005: a small group of Directors and Advisers oversee activities that are funded by grants, donations, commissions and income from consultancy and training.

See Projects for further information on all current and past projects.

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Two round tables on widening access to the arts 2011. See Dialogues for Summary.
Learning for change and transition throughout life